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Wicked Soul
29 May
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30 rock, afi, agua de annique, apolo anton ohno, avatars, baseball, billy james, blackguard, cameron morris, captain phil harris, cellbound, conan, craig ferguson, deadliest catch, detroit red wings, dirty jobs, dommin, epica, f/v cornelia marie, f/v northwestern, flogging molly, football, glee, graphics, hockey, johan franzen, konstantine, kristofer dommin, lasgo, marine corps, mellotron, metallica, michael poulsen, mike rowe, military, milk inc, music, mutyin within, new orleans saints, nightwish, paramore, pernille rosendahl, politics, rammstein, rancid, reading, repo! the genetic opera, rush, scream trilogy, shaun white, soccer, sylver, tennis, the hansen brothers, the storm, volbeat, within temptation, writing
I like to think I'm a good person, but on the internet everything can be misconstrued.